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B'nai Mitzvah Welcome with Rav Bracha                   


Dear Parents and soon-to-be B'nai Mitzvah,


Welcome, and mazal tov!                                      

The journey that your family is embarking upon is a momentous one.  Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah has the power to be utterly transformational, imbuing a sense of maturity, responsibility and achievement. For many people, completing this rite of passage also provides a lasting connection to, and sense of ownership of, the Jewish tradition and the Torah.


Parents: as you help guide your child through this "hero's journey," you will likely encounter trials along the way. Becoming a bat or bar mitzvah requires a level of study and focused attention that may well be unprecedented in your child's life.  For parents, too, especially parents who did not go through this rite of passage themselves, there will be many questions which elude easy answers. In addition, a whole host of practical details — like those concerning invitations, caterers, venues and DJs — fall upon the parents of bnai mitzva to organize. Our program is designed to help you navigate all the details on your path.


Our hope, as a synagogue and a community, is to help support and guide you and your family as you embark upon this important mission. The day of your child's bat or bar mitzvah will be one that you remember for the rest of your life. It is an occasion of extraordinary joy and connectedness, where family and friends from near and far come  together to mark an unforgettable achievement and rite of transformation.  

You and they will be very proud. We look forward to celebrating with you!


With warmest wishes,


Rav Sarah Bracha, on behalf of the Nevei Kodesh community

Your B'nai Mitzvah Journey at Nevei Kodesh          

Becoming a B’nai Mitzvah is a special part of your child’s journey. It is a ritual milestone that gives your child an opportunity to be an active member in the Jewish community. At this time, your child’s voice is heard and respected by the community, your child chants prayers and the parasha, portion of Torah, in front of friends, family and your Nevei community. It's a time of connection, growth and reflection. At Nevei, we've developed at two-year B'nai Mitzvah journey called, "Crossing the River." Our B'nai Mitzvah program works closely with our Religious School and Hebrew learning to take your child and family on an amazing path together. 

We welcome students of all ages and at all stages on their Jewish journey to join our CTR B'nai Mitzvah program. 

B'nai Mitzvah parents + tutors, connect to our Nevei B'nai Mitzvah Google Drive 

To learn more about Crossing the River, contact our Director of Family Life, Brooke Fisher  

To read short, applicable B'nai Mitzvah articles, visit "B'nai Mitzvah Madness" with Brooke 

Mon, June 1 2020 9 Sivan 5780