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Adult Education Committee

The Adult Education Committee coordinates and creates an in-depth program of study that ranges from Torah and Kabbalah to holiday meaning and practices. Email Tracy Patch, 520/975‐7585 


Bikkur Cholim

Though the name means “visiting the sick,” our Bikkur Cholim volunteers also offer aid in the form of rides, bringing over yummy meals, running errands—whatever support any member requires in times of need. Email Doris Fasbender or Elizabeth Otto, 303-447-0531.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees our practical operations, including our employees, our building and our budget. But equally important, it holds our unique vision and guides us toward our future, by developing goals and policies consistent with Jewish renewal in Boulder. David Simon, (303) 448‐1441


Chevra Kadisha

The Boulder Chevra Kadisha, which means “holy or sacred society,” serves the entire Jewish community by preparing the dead for burial. Guided by our community rabbis, we serve affiliated and unaffiliated families. Email Evie Cohen, (303) 507‐7001 

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee creates and places advertising and publicity through flyers and in the media. Email Jeff Skovron, (303) 442‐1544 


Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for overseeing and supporting the educational needs of our children and the operations of our religious school. It ensures that educational programming transmits a joyful spirituality through an exploration of the beauty and depth of the Jewish tradition.
Email Lolly Gold, (303) 443-4567 


Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee deals with maintenance issues and coordinates work that needs to be done in our sacred home. It also maintains a list of capital improvements and prioritizes them for the board. Email Walter Katz, 720/333‐1107 


Financial Oversight

The Financial Oversight Committee, which was instrumental with the purchase of our building, is charged with continuing to ensure our financial stability and meeting our obligations.


Fundraising Event Committee

The FUNdraising Event Committee helps to plan our annual spring fundraiser, a Night on Jewish Broadway. Wendy Miller, (626) 201‐4351





IT/Communications Team

Our IT/Communications Team has designed and continues to update our website and to help us with other electronic issues. Lon Goldstein, (720) 771-4409 


Kabbalah Garden

Keeping our grounds beautiful, the Landscape Committee meets seasonally to maintain and plant our sacred garden. Deb Skovron, (303) 579-1153


Kolot, the choir of Nevei Kodesh, leads us and lifts us in prayer through choral music, at different points in the liturgical calendar.  Zhenya Gallon, (303) 579-5685


Kosher Hams

  • The Kosher Hams have been making us laugh at ourselves since 1994, writing and performing provocative, satirical and humorous plays at services and events throughout the years. Contact David Spiro, (303) 449-6458



Membership Welcoming Team

Our Membership Welcoming Team welcomes new members and helps us weave a strong web of belonging and community through outreach and activity. Peter Wengert, (720) 465‐9030


Ozna’im, which means “ears,” is a group that meets with Rav Bracha to give her feedback from the congregation and offer other support. Batya Greenwald


Ritual Committee

The ritual committee offers support to the rabbi and the kahal for holidays and Shabbat services and consults with the rabbi as needed. Ed Kass



Sacred Art Committee

The Sacred Art Committee plays in many media to beautify our building. Penny Perlman, (303) 541‐9831,




Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, is a central tenet of Judaism and Jewish Renewal. Our committee involves us in issues of tzedakah (charity), service and social justice to make the world a better place.

Ellen Brock, Community Table, (303) 817‐2841

Don Koplen, Boulder Homeless Shelter, (303) 667-7471

Debbie Schwartz, BOHO, (720) 379‐8845

Tue, September 26 2017 6 Tishrei 5778