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Sunday Curriculum Overview for Pre - 5th grades

As an experiential program, we strive to share an experience with our students that feels whole, connected and meaningful. Each week, our preschool - 5th grade classes focus as a community on a Jewish value, or middah, through the Four Worlds model. The Four Worlds model connects us through body, mind, heart and soul. Each week, our educators work in close connection with Brooke, our Director, to create an enriching morning of learning. While each class focuses on the same value, the learning activities and curricula is designed to provide meaning, challenge and a positive learning opportunity for each class/grade of students. 

Also, for holidays, we share a camp-day model of learning that invites students to delve into the meanings of holidays by visiting stations designed to help them both own their learning experience and connect to different teachers, community mentors and Nevei leaders. 

Why experiential learning? Our director, Brooke, is currently working towards her Masters in Jewish Experiential Education as a Hebrew College Fellow. Experiential learning is not only our passion but closely connected to Renewal thought and philosophy. 

Our middot focuses for the year + special holiday camp day learning: 


22 - First Day, "Rosh Hashana and a new year of Yedidut, friendship."


6 - "Yom Kippur and the values of mistakes and forgiveness"

20 - Sukkot Camp Day & Hoshana Rabah

27 - "Noach; Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim means kindness to living things"


3 - “Lech Lecha, Derech Eretz means finding my way” 

10 - “Vayeira; Hachnasat Orchim means welcoming guests” 

17- "Chayei Sarah; Gemilut Hasadim means acts of kindness"


8 - "Vayishlach; Emet means being truthful" 

15 - Hanukkah Camp Day


12 - “Shemot; Ani means I” 

28 - "Bo; Mishpacha means family"


2 - “Beshlalach; Ometz Lev means courage of the heart” 

9 - “Honoring Tu B'Shevat; Baal Taschit means reducing waste"

23 - “Teruma; Shalom Bayit means peace in the home” 


1 - “Tetzavah; Kehilla Kedoshah means holy community"

8 - Purim Camp Day

15 - "Vayakhel-Pekudei; Nedivut means giving generously"


5 - Pesach Camp Day

19 - "Tazria Metzora; B'tselem Elohim means creating with our words"

28 - Celebrating Our Year Together! 


Wed, July 8 2020 16 Tammuz 5780