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Experiential Learning: Goals + Meaning

As an experiential program, we strive to share an experience with our students that feels whole, connected and meaningful. Each week, our preschool - 5th grade classes focus as a community on a Jewish value, or middah, around the theme of introducing our individual and collective stories as Jewish people through the Four Worlds model. The Four Worlds model connects us through body, mind, heart and soul. 

All learning is planned in connection to our epic ride through the year: 

Our People: Understanding the Jewish journey through stories (Midrash, Torah Study and Jewish History) 

Our Space: Focus on community, life cycle, sacred space through ritual and connection

Our Place in Time: Tikkun Olam (healing to the world), Jewish history and Shabbat (self care) 


What are the “Four Worlds?” Bringing framework and flow for our curriculum: 

    - Atzilut: Accessing Torah’s mystical wisdom (emanation)

    - Briyah: Conciousness and thought (creation) 

    - Yetzirah: Relationships and emotion (formation) 

    - Assiyah: Action - building, making and doing (action)

Each week, our educators work in close connection with Brooke, our Director, to create an enriching morning of learning. While each class focuses on the same parasha and value, the learning activities and curricula are designed to provide meaning, challenge and a positive learning opportunity for each group of students. 

Why experiential learning? Our director, Brooke, has a Masters in Jewish Experiential Education from Hebrew College. Experiential learning is not only our passion but closely connected to Renewal thought and philosophy.

Click here for the full information packet including our calendar 

Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781