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High Holidays at Nevei Kodesh 5783



The Days of Awe...

We have a yearning in our hearts.

We seek to be uplifted and energized by Jewish ritual. We seek the freedom to be Jewish "our way." We seek community and meaning in challenging times.

So we gather together. We gather lifelong Jews, Jews by choice, the Jew-curious, and those in interfaith partnerships. We gather elders and youth, families and singles. We gather all the colors of the rainbow and we gather all sexual orientations and all beliefs (and non-beliefs) about the Divine. We gather, each in the image of G!d.

We gather to turn, return, and be turned each year at this time during the High Holidays.

If you want to connect to a Judaism that transcends and includes our sacred traditions, join us this year for one of our services.  We will have a mixture of live (indoor and outdoor services), most of which will be live streamed, as well as online virtual services.

Magnificent music and heartfelt prayer brings us together as we journey higher and higher, deeper and deeper—bonded as a collective.

All High Holidays liturgy is provided in easy to follow format, with English phonetics and translations.

Click here for more details about this year's High Holidays! 

Rosh HaShana

5783: Sunday - Monday September 25-26

Our services are musical, powerful, meaningful, joyful, and inspirational. We will have a combination of adult-focused and child-focused multi-generation offerings. We will have services and gatherings indoors and outdoors at Nevei Kodesh and in local parks. Most offerngs will be in person with live stream options, or by zoom alone. We would love to have you and your family join us this year. Click here for specific details about this year's High Holidays! 

Second Day of Rosh HaShana

5783: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

On the second day of Rosh HaShana, we have an in-person contemplative retreat in our sanctuary led by Eyal and Danya Rivlin

Please note that this is a separate event, not included in general membership.

Members (new or renewed) may register now, guests may register starting August 20th. Click here to register

Yom Kippur

5783: Tuesday and Wednesday October 4-5, 2022

On Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre / Yom Kippur Eve) and Yom Kippur morning services we offer multiple modalities for prayer and inner connection, including traditional music and liturgy, movement, meditation, Torah service and Yizkor (memorial service). We close the day with a powerful, potent Neilah (end of YK) service.  We will have a combination of adult-focused and child-focused multi-generation offerings. Services will be a mix of live, in person (indoors or outdoors) with limited attendance and live stream as well as some fully virtual services during the daytime hours.                  Click here for specific details about times for each service and program.


High Holiday Leadership

Ba'alat Tefilah Michelle Wolf       Rabbi Diane Tiferet Lakein      Eyal and Danya Rivlin      Sheldon Sands

Susan Berman          Keenan Bloom (Chanoch Ro'i)          Steve Bross         Brooke Fisher          Batya Greenwald

       David Kessem          Joe Lukasik          Nitsan Mesika          Ziva Moyal          Dexter Payne          Ari Sharfstein

          And More...         



Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782