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Nevei Kodesh Religious School

What is Our Story? Our People, Our Space and Our Place in Time

With a focus on “our story,” this year, our learning is divided into three parts: Our People, Our Space and Our Place in Time. As a people, we have a remarkable story of vulnerability, growing through mistakes, celebration through ritual, persistence, joy and love. Together, we help create the container that holds the Jewish people. 

In our tradition, there is a belief that time is relevant in connection to receiving the Torah. The Rabbis share that all the Jewish people throughout the ages were at Har (Mount) Sinai accepting the Torah together. This is a beautiful thought and connects us to the stories of our people throughout time. It helps us to have empathy for the mistakes made by those before us, respect for the lessons we have all shared and the importance in knowing that we, only together, create the autonomously collective Jewish story. 

As we travel through time, we create sacred space and through our thoughts, prayers, energy and actions, we embrace the Four Worlds. Think about this as an epic trip through these four beautifully charged areas full of color, experience, soul and presence. As we travel through these worlds, we experience B’tzelem Elohim, as co-creators with God (collective presence, the Universe or oneness) and bring these worlds to life. That is how we truly tell and continue to tell our story. Our desire this year is to bring your family – your amazing children and our entire community – on this journey. Our ship: Nevei Kodesh. Our mission: an epic voyage through the Four Worlds. Our purpose: to connect to all living things, our world, Kehilla Kedosha (our holy community), our families and most importantly, ourselves. 

This journey, epic and unprecedented, begins in our homes as we connect in our own spaces to create a virtual space together. The beauty of this is that we are first of all safe, considering the health of us all and our community as a top priority while staying connected. Secondly, it is only for a short period of time. As we travel this virtual passage together, we will again (hopefully in February, as planned) join together in our beloved Nevei Kodesh to experience one another in person once again. Thank you for being part of this community: You are Nevei Kodesh and together, we are Nevei Kodesh. 

We respect diversity & love empowering children and teens through experiential Jewish learning. Join us this year on our epic journey together! 

Contact our Director of Family Life, Brooke Fisher to learn more about our programs! 

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Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781