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Religious School FAQs

Meaningful Information for you to know...

How long is registration open? 
Registration for the 2017-2018 school year is open until Sept. 17, 2017. Programming includes classes for preschoolers through teens. Register now online

What time does Religious School begin? 
Sunday mornings (all): 10am - 12:30pm; Holiday Camp Day Sunday mornings: 10am - 12:45pm
Tuesday afternoons (4th - 7th graders): 4pm - 5:45pm

Print the 2017-2018 School Calendar 

What time are parents welcome to join in on Sunday mornings? 
Each Sunday from 10-10:30, Religious School families are welcome to join with their children at the start of Religious School for songs and prayers with Rav Bracha and friends. 

Will there be classes and sharing opportunities for parents? 
Yes! Taught by Rav Bracha and valued community friends, we will offer parent classes on Sunday mornings throughout the year. A calendar and schedule will be provided soon. 

Why do camp days end later? 
We plan to offer pizza lunches (with allergy friendly options) on camp mornings. Families will have the opportunity to purchase pizza at a small price, eat together and enjoy school community time together. 

When will the calendar be available?
The calendar for the 2017-2018 school year will be available by 8/15/17. It will be posted to the website. However, the first Sunday we meet is Sunday, September 17 at 10am. 

Is there a Back to School Meet & Greet? 
Yes! It is a fun potluck brunch being hosted by the Miller family on Sunday, August 27. All school families are invited! Please see our Nevei Kodesh calendar for further details. 

Is CTR now on Sundays?
Yes! This year we have a CTR 1 class that we are very excited about. It will meet on Sunday mornings to help all students be part of our school community from the youngest to teens. CTR students will also join us for the Hebrew + Chuggim program classes on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5:45pm. 

Do I have to be a member of Nevei Kodesh to go to your school? 
Potential members are offered their first year of Religious School tuition at member prices; we want you to get to know us. After that year, you have the opportunity to join our amazing community or pay non-member tuition prices. 

Are scholarships available? 
We do have scholarships available for Nevei Kodesh members. They are available upon approval. If you are interested in applying, please contact Our goal is that all children and teens who want to participate are here with us. 


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