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Religious School Enrollment Information

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Dear Parents, 

It's a pleasure to welcome you and your children to our school this year! Whether you have been part of our school community before, or whether you are new to us, we look forward to a year of learning and positive Jewish experiences for students and parents alike. 

For the first time, you will be able to enroll your children online! We hope you will take advantage of this convenience, although paper forms will continue to be available by clicking here. You may notice that the form is shorter than ones in the past. Once you've registered, we will ask for some additional information before the semester begins, but we wanted to streamline the initial enrollment process as much as possible. 

Crossing the River parents: please note that the classes will be 2 hours long (6 - 8 PM), rather than 1 1/2 hours as in the past. Because of this change, tuition for CTR has increased by about 10%.

You will need to be logged in to our website in order to register online! If you haven't logged in before, please click here for instructions. If you prefer to use a paper form, click here to download it.

As always, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. When you register online, the full fee will be shown, and adjustments will be made later if you apply for a scholarship. Scholarship applications are due by August 26th.

A special note for parents: Once again this fall, Rav Bracha will offer Chai Mitzvah, a 9 session, innovative program of adult Jewish learning geared for all levels of Jewish background and education. Past students felt the class was deeply meaningful and inspiring, and said the group created a community that will continue to enrich their lives.
All parents, including CTR parents, are encouraged to participate in this program, which takes place on Sundays during LJL and costs $180 per person for registration and materials. You will be able to enroll at the same time as you register your child for school. 

CTR parents will still have Master Classes and informational sessions geared toward their children's path to bnai mitzva once a month on Monday evenings during CTR.

For questions or further information, contact Lolly at or call 303-443-4567.


You must be logged in to register online! If you haven't logged in before, click here for login help.

Please read the instructions below before you begin the online registration process! The online form cannot be saved while you're filling it out, so please have all of the necessary information  available when you begin.

ONLINE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT: When you click the link, the form will open in a separate window so you can refer to these instructions and the class schedule and tuition information on this page as needed.

If you prefer to register using a paper form, download it here and mail or drop it off to Nevei Kodesh, 1925 Glenwood Drive, Boulder, 80304. 

The information you'll need at hand when you register:

1)  Names and contact information for student(s) and parents/guardians with whom the student lives full or part-time

2) Names and contact information for emergency contacts (family and non-family)

3) Name and contact information for family medical provider

4) Medical insurance policy provider, policyholder name, group and/or policy numbers

5) Medical information about student(s) including medications, allergies, etc.

6) Which classes student(s) will enroll in

7) Payment information - If you are not a Nevei Kodesh member, you will need a credit card number in order to pay when you complete the form. If you are a Nevei Kodesh member, you will be able to choose whether to bill the tuition balance to your Nevei Kodesh account or to pay at the time you submit. In either case, you'll be given an option to divide payment over a period of time.


If you prefer to register using a paper form, download it here and mail or drop it off to Nevei Kodesh, 1925 Glenwood Drive, Boulder, 80304. 

For questions or more information, contact Lolly: or call 303-443-4567.

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Class Schedule

Living a Jewish Life (LJL):  Shabbat, Holidays, prayer and giving taught through stories, music, art and drama.
     Grades K-5, Sunday Mornings 10 – 12:30

Crossing the River (CTR) pre-Bnai Mitzva class: Torah study, Jewish history, values and social action provide a basis for becoming Jewish adults making positive life decisions. 
     Grades 6 & 7, Monday Evenings 6 - 8:00 PM
     NOTE: CTR classes will be 2 hours long. This is 1/2 hour longer than last year's classes, and accounts for ~10% increase in tuition for CTR.

Hebrew Classes
Grades 4 – 6, Tuesday Afternoons, 4 - 5:30

Fall 2016 Classes begin September 11 Check the Nevei Kodesh Calendar for up-to-date information

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Fall 2016 / 5777 Classes Total
 Discounted 10% for
Additional Children


CNK Member Family:
Living a Jewish Life (LJL) K-3



 $  585 
$  360 

$  525 
 $ 325

*NON-Member Family:
Living a Jewish Life (LJL) K-3


$ 885  
  $ 550  
  $ 795  
$ 495 

CNK Member Family:
LJL + Hebrew Class
Grades 4 & 5


$ 1225 

$ 740  

$ 1100  

$ 670 

*NON-Member Family:
LJL + Hebrew Class 
Grades 4 & 5


$ 1820

$ 1100


$ 1640

$ 990

CTR I + Hebrew Class
6th Grade

$ 1560   $ 1405   

CTR I Only 
with permission to waive Hebrew

$  910   $  820   

7th Grade

$  910    $  820   

CTR II + Hebrew Class
optional for 7th Grade

$ 1560   $ 1405  
























* Congregation Nevei Kodesh Membership Requirement: 

  • All families with students in CTR I or II must be full members of Nevei Kodesh.
  • Families new to the school with students in LJL may have one year as non-members and pay non-member tuition.

​No one will be turned away for lack of funds. A limited number of partial scholarships are available for children of full member families.
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Saturday, May 27 2017 2 Sivan 5777