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Torah Learning with Maggid Charna Rosenholtz 

Saturdays 4-5:30, Nevei Kodesh Library

Maggid Charna Rosenholtz is in her twenty-fourth year of weekly Torah study, facilitating since 2005. She brings a profound understanding of Torah's relevance to daily life - that taps the practical as well as the deeply spiritual. Drawing upon a broad reading of the great Rabbinic and Kabbalist masters, she plumbs the depths of the Hebrewlanguage as a holy vehicle for the transmission of Torah wisdom. Utilizing over thirty years of experience in the healing arts, she weaves together the subtle dance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Each learning is participatory and interactive with every attendant invited to bring creativity of thought and personal understanding to the process of revealing Torahs message. Each session brings excitement to the unexpected discovery of new understanding and meaning. Most important is Charna’s love of Torah, made evident by the enthusiasm she brings to each Shabbat learning.

No prior learning is necessary to engage in Nevei Kodesh’s Torah study. This includes knowing Hebrew or Jewish history. We will meet you exactly where you are!

Tue, September 17 2019 17 Elul 5779