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Wonder Wall: Celebration and Gratitude!

Welcome to our new Wonder Wall!

Nevei Kodesh is proud to announce that we are creating a beautiful tile Wall that will be permanently displayed in our Social Hall for all to enjoy.

You are invited to purchase a Wonder Wall tile now to mark a special occasion, honor someone, express gratitude, or simply to display any image that fits the positive spirit of the Wall! 

Tiles will make great gifts, either with design and firing completed, e.g. to honor a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or for the recipient to create themselves. Tiles may also be donated to the Religious School for students to design.

A group of amazing Nevei Kodesh designers (think: Remembrance Wall, lobby installations) will create a layout for the Wall that will allow for more tiles to be added over time. 

Here are details about the process:

Tiles are approximately 6" by 8" and can be created from any 2-dimensional work that can be scanned, or from a high resolution JPEG file. This includes original art or electronically produced text and images. 

You may submit your tile designs at any time, or attend an art party where you can make your own art or ask one of our volunteer artists to create a design based on your ideas for images and text. You're welcome to come to the art party just to shmooze, too - The next art party will be announced soon!

The contribution for each tile is $120. To purchase tile(s), please fill out the form below or download a pdf to print and return to Nevei Kodesh.

Yes! I'd like to contribute to the NK Wonder Wall

Tiles make a great gift!

   Tiles @ $120
   Prepaid by 2015 Jewish Broadway Donation

Thank you for your generous contribution to Nevei Kodesh!

When you submit this form, you will be taken to  a payment page. If you plan to pay by check and are logged in, you may bill your contribution to your Nevei Kodesh account. To pay by credit card, proceed to PayPal. You will be asked if you wish to pay an additional 2.5% to help defray our credit card processing costs. If you are able to do so, we appreciate this further act of generosity.


Thu, November 26 2020 10 Kislev 5781