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Tuesday Afternoon Hebrew Program

T'filot (prayers) + Chuggim (electives):
Interactive Online Prayerbook Hebrew & Electives 

Hebrew is a beautiful magical language. The study of Hebrew, its roots, meanings and personal connection to each individual is a powerful experience. Tuesday afternoons are a multi-level, multi-age grouping that creates a vibrant and amazing community of 4th - 7th grade students. Tuesday afternoons focus on learning Hebrew through interactive ways; developing skills in decoding, reading and speaking. Another focus is delving into the siddur to develop personal understandings of the prayers, read the prayers in Hebrew and know what the words mean. It's an important part of our B'nai Mitzvah journey for all students. 

Online Learning • Tuesday Afternoons from 4:30-6pm 

Community Building: taking the time to connect with each other and ourselves

Hebrew Movement/Meditation: embodying the meanings of the prayers 

Hebrew Games: online games to reinforce decoding, reading and meanings 

Learning Our Siddur 
Our prayerbook Hebrew program shares t'filot, our beautiful siddur prayers with students in the following ways:  

Vocabulary - learn to identify and understand the words inside the prayers 

Reciting - learning to chant and read the prayers to beloved tunes; in small and large groups

Reflection - creating a personal kavannah through creative writing, music and expression

Reading - feeling comfortable with decoding and reading 

CTR 1 & 2 Students (6th & 7th grades) participate in community building, prayer understanding and reflecting with the entire group while their main study of this time as a group is Lifecycles.

What is my child doesn't yet know much Hebrew? This program is designed to meet all students where they are at in ability and progression of the language. Our goal is for students to love learning, feel safe and be successful. 

Fri, July 1 2022 2 Tammuz 5782