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What's NEW for the Tuesday afternoon Hebrew program?

T'filot (prayers) + Chuggim (electives):
Interactive Prayerbook Hebrew & Electives 

Hebrew is a beautiful magical language. The study of Hebrew, its roots, meanings and personal connection to each individual is a powerful experience.

Who: 4th - 7th graders (multi-level and multi-age based program)
Time: 4 - 5:45pm
When: Tuesday afternoons based around the BVSD + holiday calendar [print 2017-2018 school calendar]
Why: B'nai Mitzvah preparation, empowerment and understanding starting in 4th grade

Attendance: What if my child cannot make every Tuesday? Let's have a conversation. We want students involved and understand we may need to share with other important activities. We will work it out together!

What is my child doesn't yet know much Hebrew? This program is designed to meet all students where they are at in ability and progression of the language. Our goal is for students to love learning, feel safe and be successful. 

4 to 4:45pm - Students choose a chug, elective, that shares conversational Hebrew. Each chug lasts 4-6 weeks until students choose another one for their next session. Consider how amazing it is for students to community connect in a multi-age group of friends while doing the following:

- Cooking with Hebrew - recipes, words & phrases. This group will make our snack for the afternoon!

- Hebrew Theater - games, interaction and communication with conversational Hebrew

- Hebrew Woodworking - creating ritual objects with Hebrew

- Environmental Hebrew - students engage in learning more about environmental justice, Hazon and eco-Judaism  through everyday Hebrew

- Hebrew and the Arts - Design personal tallitot while learning, writing and reading t'filot

Special Guest: Rav Bracha
Joining us for camp nights, Rav Bracha is excited to learn and grow with our students in understanding B'nai Mitzvah, the meaning of the prayers, rituals and shoreshim (roots) in connection to making each child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah a unique, meaningful and personal experience. 

Learning Our Siddur 
5 to 5:45pm - Students learn in multi-age, ability groups (carefully placed to ensure each child feels comfortable and surrounded by friends). We use a prayerbook Hebrew program created to share t'filot, our beautiful siddur prayers, in deeper opportunities of study. Every three weeks, we will do a camp-style Strategic Hebrew night which combines the entire group 

- Vocabulary - learn to read, identify and understand the words inside the prayers through games and ritual

- Reciting - learning to chant and read the prayers to beloved tunes; in small and large groups

- Reflection - creating a personal kavannah through creative writing, music and expression

- Reading - comfortably decoding and reading the prayers with tools like highlighters and reading highlight strips

- Trope - learning the marks and embracing the mystery of Trope in prayer practice 



Mon, February 19 2018 4 Adar 5778