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Tuesday or Thursday afternoon Hebrew program

T'filot (prayers) + Chuggim (electives):
Interactive Prayerbook Hebrew & Electives 

Hebrew is a beautiful magical language. The study of Hebrew, its roots, meanings and personal connection to each individual is a powerful experience. Tuesday afternoons are a multi-level, multi-age grouping that creates a vibrant and amazing community of 4th - 7th grade students. Tuesday afternoons focus on learning Hebrew through interactive ways; developing skills in decoding, reading and speaking. Another focus is delving into the siddur to develop personal understandings of the prayers, read the prayers in Hebrew and know what the words mean. It's an important part of our B-Mitzvah journey for all students. 

Online Learning • Tuesday Afternoons from 4:30-6pm 

Students choose a chug, elective, that shares conversational Hebrew. Each chug lasts 3 weeks until students choose another one for their next session. Consider how amazing it is for students to community connect in a multi-age group of friends while doing the following:

Cooking with Hebrew: recipes, words & phrases. This chug includes sushi making, shakshuka and the ever popular and positive: Nevei Chopped!

Hebrew Movement/Meditation: embodying the meanings of the prayers 

Hebrew Games: online games to reinforce decoding, reading and meanings 

Learning Our Siddur 
Students learn in multi-age, ability groups (carefully placed to ensure each child feels comfortable and surrounded by friends). We use a prayerbook Hebrew program created to share t'filot, our beautiful siddur prayers, in deeper opportunities of study with small groups to provide connection and individuality.

Vocabulary - learn to read, identify and understand the words inside the prayers through games and ritual

Reciting - learning to chant and read the prayers to beloved tunes; in small and large groups

Reflection - creating a personal kavannah through creative writing, music and expression

Reading - comfortably decoding and reading the prayers with tools like highlighters and reading highlight strips

Students will learn Hebrew with a small group and teacher online until February, third trimester, when we're hoping to be back onsite at Nevei Kodesh. 

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions: 

Attendance: What if my child cannot make every Tuesday? We are also offering a Hebrew hour on Thursdays for students who cannot attend on Tuesdays or for students who want to embrace an extra hour of Hebrew each week at no extra charge. 

Is there another day to attend? Students who are not available to attend on Tuesdays will be able to join us on Thursday afternoons from 5:30-6:30pm. Additionally, students who attend on Tuesdays and want extra Hebrew learning time, are also invited to join us on Thursdays, as well, for no extra charge. 

What is my child doesn't yet know much Hebrew? This program is designed to meet all students where they are at in ability and progression of the language. Our goal is for students to love learning, feel safe and be successful. 

Click here for the full information packet including our calendar

Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781