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Crossing the River Pre - Bnai Mitzva Program

Curriculum Overview

CTR 1 - 6th Grade

By the End of CTR Students will Know What Jews Believe:

  • About God, our Creator
  • About the body and soul (includes death)
  • About making mistakes (al chet) and returning to the path (teshuvah)
  • About the holiness (kedushah) of Torah
  • About our responsibility to each other and to our community - tzedakah, beyt knesset, lifelong learning, creating a holy community
  • About the year cycle: ordinary and holy, Shabbat, holy days and the rest of life
  • How we honor God's presence  - kippah, talit, respectful behavior (derech eretz) to elders, teachers, one another, and also to ourselves
  • How we celebrate holy times - with wine/kiddush, breaking bread (motzi), joyous singing, divrei torah (teachings)
  • How we honor birth and death (brit, brit habat, tzedakah (giving), gemilut chasadim (acts of kindness), burial rites, shiva visits, etc.
  • How we uplift marriage and divorce – chuppah (marriage canopy), breaking the glass, kiddush, making and keeping promises, respectful closure.
  • How we treat life passages, such as bar and bat mitzva, conversion, and other joyous times
  • How we treat each other

CTR 2 - 7th Grade

During the seventh grade year, students study the wisdom of Torah and examine through a Jewish lens who they are, the kind of adults they want to become, and how the mitzvot can help them achieve their goals.

Woven throughout the course are the following:

  • Developing the "Art of the Question" - d’rosh, d’rash
  • Understanding discussion from a Jewish point of view. This includes sequential reasoning, the importance of finding comfort with paradox, playing with multiple perspectives, learning how to respectfully disagree, and the love of ideas
  • Critical thinking skills from unpacking Torah verses
  • Emphasis on building a group container, connecting the students with each other
  • Joy of learning Torah
  • Finding relevancy in Torah today
  • The meaning of letters
  • Interpretation of words
Sun, July 23 2017 29 Tammuz 5777