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Groups and Committees

Membership comes with benefits.

Participation in our community can satisfy deep personal needs, enrich our spiritual life, and expand our wisdom, knowledge, and education. When our needs are met, we can do a better job caring for each other, and the world.

Join us in praying, healing, and serving all beings. 

For information these groups and committees, please email Jonathan Morse to
OR email the group and committee chairs directly. 

Shomrei Ruach - Guardians of the Spirit

Shomrei Ruach (in Hebrew 'Guardians of the Spirit') works along he Board of Directors to define the spiritual direction of Congregation Nevei Kodesh. Shabbat services, High Holy Days, and other events are molded in this spirit. 

The members of the community are: Susan Berman, Zhenya Gallon, Ruth Seagull, Diana Stone, Jonathan Morse and the Spiritual leaders: Rabbi Diane, Hazzan Shayndel, B/T Michelle Wolf.

This committee helps on planning the calendar of events for every year at Nevei Kodesh, and is an integral part in the process of promoting community building inside and outside the congregation.

Email Ziva Moyal:

Torah and Kabbalah Study Group

Purpose: To study and understand the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.   


Primary Activities:

We are organizing, leading, and promoting Torah and Kabbalah study groups in-person, and online via Zoom. 

We are building a database of resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Torah and Kabbala students. 


Upcoming Events:

Basic Kabbalah in Daily Life: First four Tuesdays in November, Zoom Only. Please check the Calendar

Torah Study: Some Saturdays, Starting in November, 10-11:15am, Zoom Only. Please check the Calendar

* Torah Study Dates: 3/18/23, 4/15/23, 5/13/23, 6/10/23, 11/19/23, 1/28/23


Committee Chair: Bruno Treves /

Group Page: Coming Soon
















Family Life Committee

Purpose: To guide the youth educational lifecycle at CNK and support the Director of Family Life through bringing innovative Jewish learning opportunities to CNK and integrating those with the community’s needs and interests.

Primary Activities:

Organize family support for religious school activities. 

Develop and sponsor activities aimed at enhancing school enrollment (e.g., open houses, social gatherings).

Collect community feedback regarding programming related to youth education and family life.

Develop and sponsor intergenerational projects and experiential learning for CNK congregants.

Committee Co-Chairs: Zoe Lev and Doris Fasbender


Sacred Art Committee

Purpose: Create a beautiful internal environment for the CNK building by creating artistic displays and other projects that improve interior spaces.

Primary Activities:

Create/select an art installation for the CNK lobby twice a year.

Interact with ad hoc and standing committees and members of the Board to provide input for art and artwork to the sanctuary, lobby, social hall, and outdoor spaces.

Direct donations of artwork and money to ensure high-quality additions to the physical spaces of CNK.

Provide opportunities for CNK members to offer feedback on installations.

Committee Chair: Penny Perlman


Nevei Gardeners

Purpose: Creating a Beautiful Front Door

Imagine how you feel when you pass a well maintained garden.  What does that home or sanctuary look like? How does it make you feel?

Open to new possibilities.  If you’ve never gardened, but would like to learn, this is your committee.  If you are a gardener and want to contribute to beautifying our Nevei, this is your committee.  If you just want to drop in on a day you have available, without needing to schedule it, this is your committee.

Learn gardening from a horticulturalist who is also a master gardener, and has over 40 years of experience in making gardens sing.  

In the beginning we will all meet so that we can make a list of things to be done, learn how (if you need to learn) to do it, and plan out when that list will be completed.  That’s it.  Those who want to learn can join me on the day or days of the week I plan on being there.  

The actual gardening won’t begin until sometime in March.  However, it would be beneficial for me to know who is interested before that time so I can do some planning around it.

Committee Chair: Aleza Tuohy


Fundraising Committee

Purpose: Support the financial well-being of the CNK community through: (1) planning and executing fundraising activities according to an annual plan and (2) working strategically with other committees and the CNK Board to ensure the financial sustainability of the Congregation.

Primary Activites:

Generate an annual fundraising plan to align with the approved CNK annual budget.

Provide direction and oversight to fundraising projects and activities conducted over the course of each year.

Strategize with the CNK Board and other committees as appropriate regarding approaches to meeting any budgetary gaps.

Contact to join this important work.


Welcoming Committee

Purpose: Support building a joyful and expanding community at CNK by empowering a welcoming culture for all first-time visitors, returning visitors and new and existing members.

Primary Activities: 

Develop an annual calendar of welcoming activities.

Welcome visitors at Shabbat services and other events.

Conduct intake for all newcomers within 2 weeks of their visit to CNK, which includes providing information about CNK and classifying newcomers as prospective members (to be cultivated), people who are ready to join (refer to CNK Rabbi or staff), or people who are inactive (keep on file).

Cultivate prospective members through the Personal Contact Program and special newcomer events.

Alert prospective members to events and groups of most interest to them.

Maintain welcoming records and integrate them into the CNK database.

Ensure CNK participation in outreach activities, such as the booth at the Boulder Jewish Festival.  

Please direct all inquiries and activity to Jonathan Morse, Synagogue Administrator 303-443-4567 x11


Chevra Kadisha

The Boulder Chevra Kadisha, which means “holy or sacred society,” serves the entire Jewish community by performing the traditional Jewish end of life rituals. Members of the group perform rituals which include sitting with the deceased, saying prayers until burial or cremation, and doing the ritual bathing of the body. Guided by our community rabbis, we serve both synagogue affiliated and unaffiliated families. Email Evie Cohen, (303) 507‐7001

Green Team

Purpose: To ensure that the CNK building and grounds are as eco-friendly as possible, given available resources, and to promote environmental responsibility among CNK members.

Primary Activities:

Explore the possibility of placing solar panels on the roof of the CNK synagogue.

Create raised bed gardens on the CNK grounds.

Enact food waste diversion policies.

Continue compost and recycling programs.

Committee Chairs: Elizabeth Otto

Security Committee

Purpose: To ensure that the CNK building and grounds are secure and safe for participants at events and during school hours, as well as for staff and visitors.

Primary Activities:

Review and establish safety protocols and procedures

Assess current practices and physical structures. Make any recommendations for physical changes to the Board.

Discuss policies for synagogue safety systems.

Ongoing support of improving security measures.

Committee Chair: Mike Mittleman

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782