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Religious School Leadership


Rav Sarah Bracha Gershuny

Rav Bracha is inspired to help the community reach new heights in Jewish education for children, teens and adults. She teaches classes for parents concurrent with their young children’s learning, as well as for parents and students together. She always offers positive energy and joyful, musical Jewish learning.





Lolly Gold, School Director

A longtime member of Nevei Kodesh, Lolly brings years of experience in nonprofit leadership and a 
passion for Jewish education that sparks inspiration for lifelong connection. She loves helping to guide parents alongside their students’ journeys.







Yoni Weiner, CTR 2 Teacher








Gabriella Starr, Hebrew Level 1 teacher






Ava Burton, LJL 2-3 Teacher






Sun, July 23 2017 29 Tammuz 5777