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Nevei Kodesh Teen Madrichim Program 

Madrichim Leadership + Work Program for students in 8th - 12th grades

Sundays 2:00pm-5:30pm

Madrichim Program: Madrichim is the plural form of a word meaning “guide.” The Hebrew root of the word Madrichim is derech meaning path or journey. Madrichim help to guide our students on their educational journeys.  The Madrichim Program is open to all post B'nai Mitzvah teenagers who are members of  Nevei Kodesh. 

Teens may either choose to work as volunteers or to be paid $10 an hour to serve as madrichim in our program. They are a valued part of our staff.  This program helps our teens to stay connected, knowing that they are an integral part of the CNK community.

This year, they may be helping to create an amazing experience in the following ways:

  • Classroom aides  
  • Creating videos for students to learn at home 
  • Office tasks
  • Holiday planning
  • B-Mitzvah Mentors
  • Staff meetings + professional development

Tikkun Olam (Social Justice) Workshops

In addition to assisting in our school, the teens also participate in occasional Tikkun Olam/Social Justice workshops (that occur approx. once a month) led by Jenny Schiff from 2:00pm-3:30pm. From 3:30-5:30pm the teens will then serve as madrichim. 

There is no fee for these workshops- it is Nevei's gift to the teens. -Note that madrichim are not paid during the hour and a half that they are attending their teen class.

The teen classes are bolded in green on the religious school calendar. On all other Sunday class days, they serve as madrichim from 2:00pm-5:30pm. (There is an extra half hour before and after religious school ends for prep and closure.)    

Contact Jenny to learn more about this program

Sat, January 29 2022 27 Shevat 5782