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Nevei Yeladim: Nevei Kodesh Community Religious School

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Our Educational Approach

The school is grounded in a spiritually oriented, experiential approach.  Curriculum focus is on understanding the history, culture, and values of Jewish tradition experienced through Shabbat and holidays. 

Our curriculum is designed to create a Jewish Renewal approach based on a 21st Century perspective for progressive Jewish education.  We realize that all American Jews today are “Jews by choice.” Active engagement with meaningful learning and authentic spiritual engagement are essential to planting a vital Judaism in the lives of student and parents. Prayer models are enlivening, embodied, and directed toward understanding of the underlying intentions or kavannot of the prayers.

Four Worlds Model  This model teaches that every class needs to engage students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  Teachers, staff, and volunteers personally utilize all of themselves in order to engage the students with their whole selves.

Direct Experience  Teachers, staff, and volunteers have a motto of “show, don’t tell.”  Art, movement, song, journaling, drama, and discussion are at the core of lesson plans.  This includes chevruta based (friendship and partnership) practice and study to enhance the creation of intentional community.

Attitude of Gratitude and Blessing  Expressing thanks to God and others, learning and appreciating the world we live in, and acknowledging our relationship with the earth is woven into every element of the religious school curriculum.

Together, parents, teachers and our community create a Jewish experience that inspires your child’s individual Jewish Journey. 

Our Pre-K – 7th grade program plants seeds for a lifelong flowering of Jewish identity, developing your child’s relationship to our spiritual tradition and providing a personalized experience to make it their own.  Children leave Nevei Kodesh’s program as young adults who feel enriched by the past, inspired and engaged in the present, and able to joyfully imagine and create their own Jewish future.

Engaged, participatory, student-centered classrooms.

Our classroom time is built around active-learning principles. (We’d rather your child “do” Jewish than be told about it!) We place a high value on attending to four areas: 

The material or physical needs of students and their classroom environment

The emotional feeling of classroom experience (which we try to keep joyful) and the emotional state of the students

The love of an engaged intellectual learning experience (geared to each student’s ability)

The imagination - daydreaming the infinite beyond mere reason

Sun, July 23 2017 29 Tammuz 5777